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New Orleans will we be treated to a Carnival parade the likes of which has only been seen once in the history of the city. The newly formed Krewe Bohème has the distinct honor of being the very first parade of the Carnival season.


As we have many returning inner krewes from last year, we may not be able to accept any new groups. CONTACT US to inquire if there may be space for you as an inner krewe. 


Membership dues are vital because we need funds to pay for the parade permit, building, security, police details, as well as maintaining and storing our title float and our annual Ball. Our membership is $150 per person, but there are opportunities for discounted memberships for those that join early and we offer payment plans to help make sure Boheme is accessible for as many people as possible. 


While we have many tiers available (depending on when you join), anyone that can afford the standard annual membership is asked to pay in full to help us achieve our budgeting goals and limit the amount of fundraisers that are needed.

Membership Dues Pricing Schedule
July 15 - Oct 14 until 10 pm: $75
Oct 14 at 10:01 pm - Dec 14 at 10:00 pm: $125
Dec 14 at 10:01 pm  - Jan 14 at 10:00 pm: $150
Jan 14 at 10:01 pm - Jan 26 at 10:00 pm:

IMPORTANT: In order to participate in Krewe Bohéme you must already be an official paid member of an inner krewe contracted to parade with Krewe Bohéme. We do not accept individual memberships. 

Annual Boheme Membership 


Full Annual Krewe Boheme membership.

*You must be a verified member of a contracted inner krewe in order to parade with Krewe Bohéme. Dues are non-refundable

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