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As a creative collaborative of scandalous party queens, we embrace the extravagance of the French 18th century and bring it to life all year round, by participating in events throughout the city of New Orleans. Mardi Gras is our primary playground doused in Champagne, but beware…We love to throw cake!

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We, the Krewe of Dystopian Paradise (KDP), in order to honor our perfectly imperfect union, hereby pledge to celebrate our city and each other, until we fall into the swamp, sink into the sea, succumb to the zombie apocalypse, or die of extremely boring natural causes. We exist to unite parade and audience, neutral ground and sidewalk side, tourist and local, transplant and yat, in the fun, immersive, wild, beautiful worlds we create.

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The Bayou Babes of New Orleans is an inclusive marching krewe that celebrates the wonders of South Louisiana bayous and culture. We create our costumes and throws with a diy spirit. We dress as anything found in the Bayou and march / dance to zydeco music. The krewe was founded as an affordable and accessible way to participate in the joy of a Mardi Gras parade.



The only krewe dedicated to affordabilité, walkabilité, and vibrancé. Through our protests we remind New Orleans that violence baguettes violence.



Krewe d'Esprit was founded in 2020 with a commitment to embodying and embracing the spirit, whether it's a fine tipple, a good ghost story, a raucous night out, or the ineffable vibe of New Orleans itself.  Our theme ideas are as diverse as our spirited throws:  "crystal" balls, cards, and candles to divine where to find the best vibes; compasses and maps to guide the way; and barware for when we get there.  Not just a pretty face and a fun time, d'Esprit is social justice oriented and eschews drama in favor of dramatic flair, ownership in favor of an outrageously good time; we're always down to show up, show out, and give back, be it for our city, our causes, or each other.  All year long we'll bring the party, close down the bar, and still help clean up after, so don't worry, even without a legend you couldn't miss us--we stay legendary.

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We proclaim ourselves to be the Krewe of New Orleans DADA, named after the DADA artistic movement of 1920's Zurich and Paris. According to legend, the name DADA originated when a German artist slid a knife into a random dictionary page and selected "dada" (defined as "hobbyhorse") as the name of the group. Shocked by the carnage of a world war perpetuated by presumably reasonable men, DADAists revolted against any notion that logic, reason, aestheticism, societal norms of taste, classicism, and the bourgeoise life style can provide a pathway to a better future. Instead they turned to irrationality, nonsense, arbitrary artistic choices, and a kind of "I spit in your face" attitude. If there is art, there can also be "anti-art". We take up this banner, and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it.


Our signature throw is the decorated apple snail shell. The apple snail is an invasive species readily found in the lagoons of city park and almost any other waterway throughout the south.



The Neon Cowboys saddled up in 2020 to celebrate nudie suits, sticky leather, dive bar luminescence, and the chance encounter. Did New Orleans ask for a wine and cheese event featuring the finest samplings of MD2020 and cheese wiz drawn straight from the holster? Absolutely not. Yet the Neon Cowboys remain committed to celebrating bedazzled rhinestone vests, promulgating equine fantasies, penning haikus about your neighborhood bar's urinal trough, sporting airplane bottle bandoliers, and always wearing your boots to bed.

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L Train Brass Band is a modular collective of nearly 100 brass, reed, and percussion musicians. This NYC nonprofit community organization is composed of diversely talented musicians who are genuinely excited by the opportunity to play anywhere and everywhere, covering a wide variety of music, from pop and hip-hop to funk and traditional NOLA jazz to eclectic original charts. LTBB embodies a music for life ethos by empowering busy adults to pick up an instrument and make music within a safe, structured environment that promotes creative self-expression and welcomes individuals from all musical backgrounds and walks of life.

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The Krewe of Go Cups (feat. Green Solo Cup Fairies) is a marching krewe that revels in the street, incorporating the ultimate go cup into different parade themes throughout the year. We SOLObrate and let the good times roll. Catch one of our hand decorated go cups on the route.

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TAP DAT is New Orleans’ all-inclusive, funky and fabulous krewe of dancing women. We practice, perform, and parade together while allowing the good to flow between, among, and through us. As an open community of joyous tap dancers, TAP DAT is committed to empowering each other, and those who experience our group, through the art of dance. We embrace new members year-round and support each other in our individual and business endeavors. We are led by Nicole Miner and supported by her local studio, City Park Movement and Art.


Become a part of our community on Facebook or at!

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Sans Culottes brings karaoke back to the streets, to the gutters, to the people, and allows any and all to sing their own songs of revolution! We have a mobile karaoke stage/float, our krewe members sing and entertain, and we play dance music between songs, so naturally our throws include Karaoke manifestos, tiny doll heads removed from the shoulders of the bourgeoisie, and revolutionary pins and buttons. Viva Les Sans Culottes!

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Just you wait!


Krewe da Bhan Gras represents the South Asian diaspora in New Orleans. Our krewe seeks to entertain and inspire parade goers with vibrant, upbeat, traditional Indian dance. The colors, music and energy of South Asia make a spectacular combination with Mardi Gras!



Krewe of King James doesn't take any mess for Mardi Gras!  KKJ's mission is to GET ON UP and GET ON THE GOOD FOOT, in honor of James Brown, Soul Brother #1.


The Krewe was founded in 2013 in New Orleans by DJ Soul Sister, and takes to the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras to spread the mission of James Brown, Soul Brother #1, to GET UP OFF THAT THING. KKJ works hard and plays hard, celebrating great music, engaging the community, and maintaining a sustainability pledge to "Green the Gras."



We are a year-round krewe & bone gang with two busy seasons: Halloween and Carnival. The most important moment of our year is 4am on Mardi Gras morning.  Our mischievous purpose? To remind you, dear revelers, that it’s later than you think. To learn more about us and how we gained permission from Mr. Ronald Lewis (may he rest in peace) to do what we do, join us for an event, meeting, or rehearsal.

As skeletons, we are very active each Halloween season and this makes us stand out from other marching organizations in the city. In 2018, we instituted something new: Halloween Caroling. We roll in both the Merci for the Magic and Krewe of Boo parades each October, and we are SO good at finding lots of other mischief as needed. During Carnival season we parade all over the city, and we are known for our signature throw: skeleton dolls. Each one is uniquely designed by our crafty bonez. While membership to our organization is open to anyone with a skeleton, let it be known that we exist to foster and uplift the New Orleans community through music, fun, and service while standing firmly as anti-racist, LGBTQ-inclusive, socially aware revelers.



Greetings milords and ladies! Founded in 2019, the Krewe de la Renaissance welcomes all to participate with us in ye old Mardi Gras and festivities year-round! We encourage revelers to dress up in costumes from the 14th century to the 19th as they see fit - no worries if your garb isn’t historically accurate! We want everyone to enjoy the experience of New Orleans parades and traditions through Tudor rose colored glasses. Debauchery awaits! Huzzah!



Always wanted to be a Flapper or a 60s Gogo dancer? Les ReBelles are that and more. Through dance, we celebrate the historic fight for women’s rights by visiting the different eras when significant progress was made towards “La Liberation de la Femme”. Think 1920’s flapper, 1960’s go-go, turn of the century French Cancan, etc… All that, with a French twist!



Krewe of Full Bush is a parading group about body hair and body positivity. What started as an inside joke that went way too far, we've been parading our bushes around with our associated band, the Yeasty Boyz, since 2017. We are greaux choice and anyone is welcome. Long live the bush!

Screenshot 2023-01-06 at 02-43-21 Krewe de kink (_krewe_de_kink) • Instagram photos and vi


A fresh Mardi Gras pleasure club for all you kinksters.



We are brothers, sisters, and lovers of the New Orleans tricycle cabbing community. We are an ass menagerie of extraterrestrial trisexuals. We parade to celebrate life, to share joy with our city, and to ensure folks to feel free to explore their trisexuality.

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Interrobang is a wide-eyed question, answered with surprise and delight. Who? A few dozen characters with unrealistic dreams of glory! What? Crazy big creatures, pushed by hand (mostly) and built with love (entirely) and immersive art + music events. When? Carnival season! Any given Friday! Whenever we want! Where? New Orleans, the city of sweaty dreams! How? With too much work and not enough money! Why? Because wonder! Because joy! Because why not‽

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Casandra & Nicole were brought together by the love of dance, community, stars, and the sky. Founded in 2020, The Jamettes is centered around honoring the divine feminine in all humans through dance & music. The Jamettes strive for inclusivity and equity, providing a welcoming space for all. Every year we choose a new female or female identifying musician to create dances, focus our costumes, creative energy, to celebrate and honor their legacy. In our “Virgin” year we celebrated Madonna, and we are thrilled to be honoring the one and only Janet Jackson (Miss Jackson if ya nasty) in our Sophomore year!


Each year, we highlight a local nonprofit organization to give back to the community we love and cherish. This year our JamOrg is WeHelp,a locally owned and operated organization that provides free, large-scale mental health care access to restaurant industry workers throughout New Orleans.

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The Provocateurs of Esoterotica embrace life, celebrating lived experience and being human through sensual writing and creative expression in all forms.  Our krewe is comprised of a revolving cast of local, New Orleans area provocateurs who write and perform original erotica live on stage (including poetry, flash fiction, spoken word, sexy confessions, and so much more). Esoterotica lusts boldly, lusts for life, taking joy in living and letting ourselves experience all life has to offer in every moment we have. Like life's pleasures, we are a sensory experience, a variety of styles for your variety of persuasions, so let us delight your imagination and provoke your desires--follow us on Facebook & Instagram @EsoteroticaNOLA if you think you want more.

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Krewe de Lune is an intergalactic Mardi Gras Krewe that came to New Orleans all the way from the moon just for Carnival season! We were founded in 2009 by a small group of space travelers and have grown into an interstellar fleet of 150 weird and wonderful Lunes. In addition to the KDL annual Space Ball, the celestial bodies of KDL express a philanthropic mission through their season-kickoff Lunar Lagniappe Party. Each year this party supports one local non-profit, but our members are also required to support our earthly community through volunteer work each year.


In 2012, our dance team, the Star-Steppin’ Cosmonaughties made their debut during Pygmalion—and you can catch them in parades and charity events all year long. In 2014, the Revelers were born. This incredible group of artists builds puppets, costumes and contraptions that surprise and delight parade watchers of all ages.


Space Ball is our annual party. It started as a backyard ball and has grown into a landmark Mardi Gras event that hosts more than 2,000 people. Our SpaceBall and design team, as well as the Krewe at large, help create bizarre and beautiful scenes and spaces that transport attendees to another world. Space Ball gives Mardi Gras aficionados an opportunity to let their imaginations run wild.

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